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Q What is Hodlrs Investment Club?
A Hodlrs is non-profit making Club, run by its Members. Each active Member has a single vote. The Admin Team do not take money out of Hodlrs, they earn by investing as normal Members.

Q Who runs Hodlrs?
A Hodlrs is run by an Admin Team consisting of a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. These are unpaid, voluntary positions.

Q Who can join Hodlrs?
A Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible.

Q How do I become a Member?
A Simply click on Join Us and follow the instructions.

Q Do I have to pay to be a Member?
A Yes, Membership is £10. Once you are a Member you will be able to view all the current Investment Products that we have available. The Membership Fee helps cover the costs of the Clubs outgoings.

Q Do I have to pay for my Membership in Bitcoin or something?
A No. you can join with GBP. We take care of all money transfers, and when your Investment matures we pay you back direct to your bank account.

Q Can I purchase additional Shares?
A Yes, you can purchase as many Shares as are available. You can purchase Shares in more than one Investment Product if you want to. If you want to purchase all available Shares in a Pool you can.

Q How many shares are there in a Pool?
A The maximum Pool size contains 30 Shares. The minimum Pool size is 10 Shares.

Q How long does a Pool last?
A Top30 Coin Pools last a maximum of 9 months. Other Pools have different run times. Members can vote to end their Pool early.

Q Can I access my Investment at any time?
A No. Once you have invested your funds are locked in until the Pool matures.

Q Is my Investment at risk?
A Yes.

Q Is there a guaranteed return?
A No.

Q When will I receive an income from my Investment?
A The Top30 Coin Pools pay out at the maturity of the Pool. The Masternode Pools pay out Monthly or can be compounded, depending on the Pool Members choice. HODLbot returns are compounded until Dec.

Q Can I earn money by referring new Members?
A No. Hodlrs do NOT operate any referral or commission structures.

Q Are the "Top 30 Coin Pools" the only Investment option available?
A No. we have a selection of Investment options for Members.

Q I don't understand cryptocurrency, is that a problem?
A No. We help all Members learn about cryptocurrency for free.

Q What is the HODLbot?
A HODLbot is our own 24/7 trading bot software. He runs on the Profit Trailer software.

Q What happens about Tax?
A Hodlrs are obliged to notify HMRC with all Members details, and provide details of Investments at the end of the Year. It's up to the individual Member to declare profits to HMRC themselves.

If you have a question that is not answered here, send it to us at secretary@hodlrs.co.uk

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