What Is Hodlrs?

Hodlrs is one of the very first Investment Clubs specialising in cryptocurrencies.
Hodl simply means hold - hodlrs are people that buy and hold cryptocurrency until it goes up in value.

We are democratically run, established in February 2018 by the 3 Founders.
The Club provides an expanding portfolio of Investment Opportunities in cryptocurrency via a Pool system.
Each Pool runs for a set period of time, after which the investment (and any gains) are returned to each shareholder.

How Hodlrs Works

This is a simplified version of how our investment options work:


Annual Membership is just £10. Once you are a Member you can then purchase a Share in any of the Investment Products we offer. Multiple and Extra Shares can be purchased.


Most of our Investment Products are provided by purchasing one or more Shares in a Pool with other Members. All Shares in a Pool are the same value. When one Pool is full we open another. Pooling resources is a proven effective way of increasing earning potential.


All our Investment Products have a different duration. When the particular Investment matures the total investment is shared equally between the Pool members.


Each Member can purchase multiple or extra Shares in any Investment Product that is currently available.


We have an expanding range of Investment Products for our Members, which are available to purchase directly via our website. 


Hodlrs has been established to be as transparent as possible. We encourage Members to retain control over their investments and the Club Administration Team are available for Members to talk to directly at any time. All transactions are recorded and traceable. Safety, Security and Simplicity are our aims.

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Membership is available to anyone over 18, click the button below to become a Hodlr today!

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As with all investment opportunities, your finances are at risk.
Only invest what you can ultimately afford to lose.
Members should conduct their own research before investing.
We are not Financial Advisors.
An Investment Club is classed as a partnership between its Members.

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